Gardening 101 – Choosing Hedge Trimmers

On our June trip to Britain, we visited several famous gardens I had long wanted to see: Hidcote, Sissinghurst, Heligan and Great Dixter. But there was another garden that came as a  complete surprise, and we only saw it by accident, or perhaps I should call it serendipity.

Driving in Cumbria, we saw a sign to Levens Hall, an Elizabethan Manor house. As we hadn’t seen any Elizabethan buildings up to that point, we thought it would be an interesting place to spend an hour or so on the way to our next destination. We enjoyed the house very much, and then moved out into the gardens – and into another world.

In front of us was a large area of topiary and formal box-edged beds filled with annuals and roses. That sounds a little dull and conservative, but the topiary! It was quite mad, like something out of Dr Seuss or, as we both said at the same time, like Alice in Wonderland. There are so many odd and interesting shapes, all crowding in from every direction, until I felt like laughing; this garden is anything but dull.

I went for a closer look at the roses, while Ken was still fascinated by the topiary. The roses were massed together in beds edged by low box hedges, and they were fantastically healthy and vigorous. I think they were all David Austins, about one metre high and billowing with flowers.

Most were white or various shades of pink and they all carried lots of strong buds as well as open flowers. I looked at the soil, which was almost black and full of organic matter, and resolved to look after my roses better. I noted some names to follow up – “Countryman’, a strong pink with incredible scent, and ‘Eglantyne’, which I have, but in too much shade. I am now motivated to put one in full sun and pamper it outrageously.

Anyways, now back to gardening, In this post I want to write about trimming hedges and lawn and the tools such as hedge trimmers and grass trimmers that you make require to do the job.

Maintaining Your Garden

In order to have a beautiful and well kept garden and lawn and maintain it over a period of time, it will require sincere efforts from you and you may also need to buy certain tools such as weed eater or hedge trimmers to make your job easier.  If you are buying a hedge trimmer, make sure it is of good quality and are meant for the type of job you want it to perform.

There are different types of hedge trimmers available in UK, like petrol and hedge trimmer and each of them has its own pros and cons. A petrol hedge trimmer will need fuel to operate, whereas electric trimmer is either powered by mains or by a battery. I will be discussing in detail later in this article about how you can choose the best hedge trimmer for your garden later in this article.


Choosing hedge or string trimmers

An efficient and dependable weed eater will help in beautifying your yard without any hassles. A lawn mower cannot reach certain corners of your garden and this is exactly where as a good string trimmer comes into the picture. It can easily reach to every weed and tall grasses thereby clipping and maintaining your garden effectively.

If you are searching for the best weed eater for your lawn, we have got the answer for you. Our well-researched list of string trimmers has been categorized according to different types that are available in the market. It will surely assist you in finding the best for your garden.

Not all string trimmers are suitable for every lawn. If your yard is full of thick bushes and thorns, you will require a particular type of string trimmer. Lighter models will work well in a lawn having lots of shrubs. Make sure you buy a string trimmer that cleans your lawn of extra plant growth but does not damage your trees and plants in the process.

A well-designed weed eater is comfortable to handle and easy-to-use. Go in for energy-efficient models and make sure that you can easily get the machine parts later on so that you don’t have to face any trouble. Keeping these things in mind will help you choose the best weed eater from the market that is not heavy on your pocket and is perfect for your garden as well.

Worx Electric String Trimmers

Worx Electric String Trimmers come with an ergonomic design and offer fatigue-free operation. Because if telescopic shafts and rotating handles these trimmers are always the right size and allow users work with both arms extended, giving maximum comfort on prolonged operation.
You can easily trim under bushes or decks and other low-lying objects, work in tight spaces easily by operating vertically, and even trimming on sloped surfaces come easier with these.

Black & Decker string trimmer

A neat and well-groomed yard is a reality with the Black & Decker string trimmer. This unique tool has a double cutting mode to trim and edge effectively. It has a cordless design for portable benefits to access all areas of your front and back yards. It has great features that give it a high performance, durable operations, and easy maintenance. Used for removing weeds, trimming fences, hedges, flowerbeds and landscaping, the NST1024 handles all your yard work smoothly. It comes with a normal and boost modes for greater out put and power. It operates on a battery function, assembles easily, and is fast in cutting grass. This brand gives wonderful effects that are worth the cost. It does not require gas, oil, and cods to function. It is an eco-friendly trimmer that does not emit dangerous emissions into the environment. Clean up your surrounding with an efficient quality trimmer for your yard.